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  • 4 Brand New Europe Routes - EUROPE CARNIVAL! 15% Off On All Routes!
    China Eastern Airlines HK is offering an “Europe Carnival Promotion” in May with 15% off on all 9 Europe destinations for one-way & round trip tickets!
  • 2016 Promotion
    A big sale throughout 2016! China Eastern Airlines offers you special discounts for your global travel on our website!
  • CEAir Corporate Programme
    Join CEAir corporate programme to enjoy company ticket discount, as well as a series of exclusive travel benefits which maximize the value from your travel spending.
  • One-Stop Transit Service on MU with Attractive Price
    Starting from 1 February 2013, passengers who purchase ticket from our Hong Kong official website and need to transit at Shanghai, Kunming and Xi'an, connecting domestic or international flights on..
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