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Dear passenger:

From 31st October, 2022 to 25th March 2023, the flight MU772 from Amsterdam Schiphol Airport to Shanghai Pudong International Airport schedule has been changed as below:

Flight MU772 take -off time: 18: 40 (local time).

Flight MU772 arrival time: 12:40 the next day (local time).

It is recommended that you know the travel information ahead traveling to avoid missing your flight.

Wish you a pleasant journey!


Kind tips:

China Eastern Airlines reminds that you can inquire about the specific information of the flight through the following ways,

1) Log in to the China Eastern Airlines official website ( -the flight status

2) Log in to China Eastern Airlines App-the flight status

3) Dial China Eastern Airlines Hotline 95530 to enter the AI intelligent interactive "the flight status" according to the Chinese service "No. 1".

4) Follow China Eastern WeChat public account and choose "the flight status".



China Eastern Airlines Co., Ltd.

17Oct, 2022