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“Flight Delay / Cancellation Certificate Printing Service”


To further improve our service, China Eastern is now implementing a new service of “Flight Delay / Cancellation Certificate Printing Service”, so that passengers could print out their flight information document by themselves easily for travel insurance claim or ticket refund purposes.


From now on, passengers could visit our China official website: and print out the certificate with steps below:

Step 1: Login to China Eastern Airlines – Chinese language website: “Self Service” (自助服务)  --〉“Flight Information Certificate Printing“ (机票信息证明打印) (see screen cap below)


Step 2: Input flight no. and date concerned.

*Remarks: Please specify MU / FM flights.


Step 3: Click on the flight you need to print out





1. Flight Information Certificate printing service is only available for MU/FM operating flights only;

2. The certificate could serves as flight information certification only; it could not be used for other purposes without the airlines’ authorization.

3. This service currently available for flights with cancellation or delay with actual departure time later than scheduled departure time. (Printing is only available after flights arrived.)

4. Printing is available for flights within 1 year after scheduled departure date;

5. There is a serial no. printed on the certificate which could be proved authentic on our China official website.