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Typhoon Storm Merbok


As Typhoon Storm Merbok is approaching the south-southeast of Hong Kong, flights to and from Shanghai Pudong FM845/846 MU505/506 MU723 MU726 on 12 Jun and MU726 MU724 on 13Jun are being cancelled. China Eastern advise passenger to postpone and re-plan your itinerary, with refund and rebooking fee waived. Before departing for the airport, passengers are advised to check flight status on our website under “Flight Status” section, or visit Hong Kong International Airport website for more flight information and re-plan your itinerary.


For more flight information, please contact our Hong Kong Reservation Hotline at 852-36658388 (office hour) or Airport Flight Enquiry Hotline at 852-2216 1088.


Flight cancellation information on Hong Kong departure flights:


 Hotline at 2861 1898 or Airport Flight Enquiry Hotline at 2216 1088.