【Exclusive Offer! 】Starting from 1 January 2015, passengers who purchase ticket from our Hong Kong official website and need to transit at Shanghai, Kunming and Xi'an, connecting international flights on the next day due no same day connection flights, passengers may enjoy one night complimentary transit hotel accommodation service!

Activity Details:Passengers who purchase one way or return tickets from China Eastern Airlines Hong Kong official website with itinerary transiting at Shanghai, Kunming and Xi'an to connect international flights and fulfill the requirements of "Transit Hotel Eligibility" (see terns & conditions below), passengers may enjoy one night complimentary transit hotel accommodation service!
"Transit Hotel" Eligibilities:
●Passengers who purchase tickets from our Hong Kong official website transiting at Shanghai, Kunming and Xi'an, while there is no same day connecting flights (departing before 24:00 on the same calendar day) available and subsequently need to transit overnight.
●Applicable booking classes with : U/F/P/J/C/D/I/Y/B/M/E/H/K/L/N/R/S/V/T/Q/Z (applied to all sectors)
●China Eastern will provide one night complimentary accommodation at selected transit hotel;next available flight must be connected within 24 hours.
●If both sectors of your return trip need to transit overnight, China Eastern will only provide 1 night free accommodation for either leg. Self-arrangement is needed for the remaining leg.
Transit Overnight Transit Examples:
1. Hong Kong to Chitose (Japan):
Flight MU702 HKG-PVG arrives at 15:40 on 16 April, next PVG-CTS available flight MU279 will depart on the next day 08:15, overnight transit is needed.
1.【Apply to MU HK website STPC hotel】
2. China Eastern Airlines Hong Kong office will handle the booking for passengers for transit hotel.
3. A confirmed "Transit Hotel Itinerary" will be sent back to your email box.
★(Please fill in the contact phone number and email accordingly)★
Reservation Hotline:+852-2861 1898
Service Hour:Mon – Sat: 09:00-18:00(Off on Sat & Public Holiday)
1. STPC transit hotel must be applied 5 days (not include Sat & PH) prior to flight departure; otherwise the hotel application may not be accepted.
2. Passenger travel document will be served as the main ID check upon hotel check-in. Therefore, passenger name and travel document details must be filled in correctly in the transit hotel application form during application; Otherwise, all responsibility will be bared by the passenger if check-in is rejected by hotel.
3. China Eastern will book single or double- bed room for according to passenger number. Double-bed room with extra bed will be offered for 3 passengers.
4. For any change of itinerary like date change or trip cancellation, passengers should notify us for hotel date change or cancellation; Otherwise, China Eastern will not accept further application if passenger NO-SHOW. For change or cancellation of ticket, please refer to your E-ticket restrictions.
5. Selected STPC transit hotel will be assigned to passengers,please refer to "Transit Hotel Itinerary" for actual hotel arranged.
China Eastern will assign transit hotel according to room availability, please refer to the "Transit Hotel Itinerary"for actual hotel arrangement.
Transit in Shanghai Pudong (Connect International Routes) – Shanghai Airlines Travel Hotel Pudong Airport Branch
Address: No.1909, Jiangzhen Rd, Pudong International Airport, Shanghai
Rating: 3 Stars
Breakfast: Included
City:38 km away from People's Square
Airport:52 km away from Shanghai Hongqiao Airport / Located near the Shanghai Pudong International Airport area Train
Station:41 km away from Shanghai Train Station / 53 km away from Hongqiao Train Station.
Hotel is away from Pudong Airport with 8-10 minutes transportation time, located next to the Pudong Airport Terminal Building and offer free shuttle bus service.Details as below:
Pudong Airport - Hotel
- around 10 mins transportation time
- service time: 09:30am to 01:30am (operates every 30 mins,except 11:40am and 17:40pm.
- Terminal 1 pick-up point: outside T1 International Arrival Gate 12; Shuttle bus with printed logo "Shanghai Airlines" or "Shanghai Airlines Travel Hotel" on bus surface.

Hotel - Pudong Airport T1/T2
- around 8 mins transportation time
- service time: 05:30am to 01:00am; Pick up point located at left hand side outside of the hotel entrance, and shuttle bus with printed logo "Shanghai Airlines" or "Shanghai Airlines Travel Hotel" on bus surface.
Transit in Shanghai Pudong (Connect International Routes) – OgOd Boutique Hotel
Address:No.200 Chengnan Road, Chuansha Town, Shanghai
Rating:3 Stars
Breakfast: Included
City:27km away from People's Squire
Airport:43km away from Shanghai Hongqiao Airport / 13km away from Shanghai Pudong International Airport Train
Station:31km away from Shanghai Train Station / 45km away from Hongqiao Train Station.
Hotel is away from Pudong Airport with around 15 minutes transportation time. Our staff will meet you at the arrival hall with signage; if fail to meet up, our staff will contact passenger with the contact number shown on your hotel voucher. At the same time you could also call the hotel with number shown on the hotel voucher remark column / China Eastern travel customer service hotline at +86-15901728882 and liaise with our meet-up staff.
Transit in Shanghai Hongqiao (Connect Domestic Routes) – Shanghai International Airport Hotel
Address: 368 Yingbin(1) Road, Hongqiao Airport, Shanghai,China
Tel: 021-62688866
Fax: 021-68852526
Rating: 3 Stars
City: 14km away from People's Square
Airport: 0.2km away from Hongqiao Airport / 52km away from Pudong Airport Train Station: 13km away from Shanghai South Station.
Breakfast: Included
Hotel is 5 minutes' walk away from Hongqiao Airport,passenger could walk to the hotel on foot.
Transit Kunming – Best Yue Hang Hotel (Kunming Changshui International Airport)
City Hotel Address Rating Breakfast
Kunming Best Yue Hang Hotel Airport Northern Road, Kunming Changshui International Airport 3 Stars Included
Remarks: Domestic Arrival Gate no. 3; 24 hours hotel shuttle free transportation
Transportation & Meet up Procedures
1. Our staff in restricted area will contact passenger after flight arrival. In addition, one day before flight we will send SMS or call passengers by phone advising the meet up counter (baggage belt 10-11) and the local contact number of our staff. China Eastern has a special CS counter for local tour service at the restricted area.
2. Our staff will carry out ID check with passengers at CS counter and offer label stickers for easy navigation.
3. Our staff will further navigate passengers to tourist centre at the arrival hall.
4. For those passengers who did not receive SMS or phone call before flight and pass through the restricted area,passengers could contact our staff in the arrival hall at exit gate no. 4 and we will escort passenger to hotel after ID check.
Transit in Xi'an – Xianyang Royal Business Hotel
City Hotel Address Rating Breakfast
Xi'an Xianyang Royal Business Hotel 500m in west away from Xian Xianyang Internation Airport T3, near Konggang Avenue 3 Stars Included
Transportation & Meet up Procedures
1.Hotel front desk will contact passenger before flight and confirm flight and room details with passengers (Usually confirm on the day upon check-in; flexible arrangements for flight irregularities).
2. Upon flight arrival, our staff will wait passengers at the exit gate. After gathered all passengers, transportation will be arranged to hotel with 10-20 mins travel time.
3. Passenger must check-in with the travel documents which are same as that provided to us in the hotel application form.
4. For transportation to airport, passengers will be assembled at the hotel lobby and our staff will meet up and send passengers to airport 2 hours before flight departure.
1.The above offers will be provided to tickets which booked from our China Eastern Hong Kong website only.
2.China Eastern will provide hotel transportation service for transit in Kunming and Xi'an.
3. Transit hotel check-out time is 1200 noon on the next day.
4. The above transit hotel information is for reference only,actual hotel provided will be subjected to room availability and control by China Eastern. For room full situation, our customer representatives will notify passenger by email.
5. China Eastern reserves the right of any changes of this promotion offer at any time. All rights reserved.
6. For enquiries, please call our Hong Kong Reservation Hotline at +852-2861 1898.