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Flying with Infants Flying with Infants


  • It is required by China Eastern Airline Corporation Limited that passengers who are younger than 2 years old be accompanied by an adult passenger over 18 years of age.
  • Note: infants who are younger than 14 days are not permitted to fly. Disease Diagnosis Certificates must be shown for premature infants older than 14 days.
  • The maximum number of infants accepted by China Eastern Airlines Corporation Limited on any flight is determined by the number of infant lifejackets available on-board.
  • China Eastern Airline Corporation Limited assumes the responsibility for carriage of infant passengers to the same extent as normal passengers.
General rules:
  • In the absence of special arrangements, each adult passenger can carry a maximum of two infants, and the ticket class of the infant must be consistent with the ticket class of the adult.
  • Infants cannot occupy its own seat. When two infants travel together, the extra infant can purchase a ticket at child price and occupy one seat.
  • Cradles are suggested for infants’ carriage (automobile-type safety seats can be used for infants older than 6 months).
  • Our company provides a fixed quantity of cradles based on the type of the airplane. Passengers must reserve its use in advance.Requirement for baby cradle application: the baby’s height shall be no more than 75 cm (29.5 inches), and weight no more than 10 kg (22 lb)
  • Passengers can also bring and use their own infant cradles (including automobile-type safety seats), but tickets must be purchased for occupation of seats.
  • Infant safety belts should be used for infants on board.
Free baggage allowance for an Infant Passenger (INF)
(1)Domestic flights: Passengers who enjoy discounted infant fares are not entitled to free baggage allowance. One fully folded lightweight stroller or baby stroller can be checked in for free.
(2)International and HK/MO/TW flights: An infant who purchases a non-occupied infant ticket is entitled to one free piece of checked baggage weighing not exceeding 10kg, with the volume (sum of three sides) not exceeding 115 cm. In addition, one fully folded lightweight stroller or baby stroller can be checked in for free.
Usage Rules of Automobile-style Safety Seat:
  • Any class can accept infant passengers using safety seats when occupying a seat, but it must be arranged in advance and a child ticket should be bought.
  • The safety seat must occupy an inside seat. Attending adult passengers must occupy aisle seats and infants cannot be seated in emergency exit rows.
  • It is necessary for passengers older than fourteen years old and in good shape to take care of the safety seat during the flight.
The available number of infant cradles and life-jackets varies for each airplane type. 
Available amount of infant cradles and life-jackets:
Airplane type Infant cradle spare quantity in cabin Infant life jacket spare quantity
A-340 11 15
A330-200 9 15
A330-300 7 15
A-300 5 15
A-310 5 15
A-321 4 8
A-320 4 6
A-319 4 4
B-767 None 10
B-737 None 4
MD-90 None 4
CRJ None 4
EMB-145 None 2
777-300 None 15
Above information is for reference only, please contact our local office for more details.