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A:You can make a reservation from several areas of the site. The most direct place is on the home page in the 'Flight' box.

A: To book a round trip, just select 'Round Trip' in the 'Flight' section on the home page.
A: To book a one-way trip, just select 'One Way' in the 'Flight' box on  the home page.
A: You cannot hold your reservation online without using a credit card. And if you would like to make your reservation and purchase your tickets online, you must have a valid credit card.If your credit card is rejected, which means we fail to get money from your account, though it was    successful through booking process, you are not allowed to board at  the airport.
A: You can book up to 9 passengers in one reservation on To book additional passengers, just repeat the booking process  to create a separate reservation.
For groups of 10 or more, you may want to inquire about special fares or discounts offered through China Eastern sales office.
A: This can occur for two reasons: Flights on a given route may not operate on a daily basis Seats may not be available in one of the segments of your itinerary.
A: Once your reservation has been booked online, you cannot make any changes online. However you can contact our call center or local sales office to solve these issues.
A: Yes, to book a reservation for someone other than yourself, enter their name in the 'Enter   Passenger Details' box. If your name already appears, type over it with the name of the actual passenger(s). Also, if your Easternmiles number appears, don't forget to either remove it or replace it with the passengers' Easternmiles number(s).
A: Currently, we cannot accept any credits or vouchers for online purchases.
A: Click on "Manage" tab on the home page. You can input your order number or ticket number and your surname to retrieve your booking record.
A: Yes, you can use the website to make a booking.
A: You may refer to the 'Optional Services and Fees' and know more   about China Eastern Airlines free luggage allowance.
A: You may contact staff from Transfer Dept. of China Eastern Airlines  in Pudong Airport. They will help you complete the formalities, check-in the luggage and issue the boarding pass for the second segment. If you take China Eastern Airlines' onward flights in Hongqiao Airport, our staff will also help you in catching the Shuttle Bus between the airports.
A: China Eastern Airlines has convenient and efficient operation rules   and procedures in handling passengers with special needs. Refer to 'Travel services'-'Special needs' to familiarize yourself with the information. And contact our ticketing    agent and local representative offices before you start your journey.
A : Yes, you have to take the same document.
A : Initerary is used as invoice for electronic tickets of domestic flights, and also as the receipt for payment.
A: From 16MAR2010, the international charters will depart from Terminal 1, and all domestic flights of China Eastern Airlines will depart from Terminal 2 at Hongqiao Airport.